lunes, 13 de enero de 2020

Solving the Kringlecon 2 CTF

This time I had the pleasure to solve the Kringle Con 2019 with my friend Alexa Gomez from Colombia, it was cool to team up to try to solve the challenge as it is a social, rather than an individual experience. We overcome frustration and difficulties and we were able to complete the 12 objectives and send our write up to the Kringlecon organizers to have the opportunity to compete for the full courses and not just the Tshirts. Teams in the Kringlecon are not encouraged but are not prohibited either. The only problem is that in case that we win, we will have to raffle the prize, for us this was not a problem.

I think that Alexa is a solid player, never giving up, that was key solving all the objectives! I think that the challenge that I enjoyed the most was the reversing one, as that has been one of the areas that I have enjoyed most recently. You can see our write up available on our Github, feel free to download it and read it.

Kringlecon 2019 Write UP

Thinking about the challenges that we faced, for me it was difficult to dedicate any time except for Saturdays and Sundays and at times it was difficult to fight against frustration when we didn't get the right answer, on those times it was better to step back a little bit and re think the problem. Also, analyzing what I could have done better, I think I overlooked some hints, maybe that will be helpful when playing next year.

Participating in CTFs is a good way to learn something new, so even if you don't get the answers you will win more knowledge and skills. The progress can be very difficult depending on the time that one has available to play, experience, etc. When you can team up with a colleague it can be very positive if you do it with the right people. Finally, when you complete all the objectives you feel really good :). I encourage anyone in infosec to try to play CTFs from time to time.